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Would You Know What to Do If Your PPI Compensation Claim Becomes a Complex Case?

Claiming compensation after being mis-sold PPI can, most of the time, be a straightforward process.

You tell the bank why you believe it was mis-sold to you, the bank considers your case and if they agree that PPI was mis-sold, they will compensate you accordingly.


In other cases, the arguments for and against mis-selling are more complex. This may mean a longer resolution time and more effort to resolve the case.

And this is why in some cases, having a company like Payment Protection Scotland on your side is a worthwhile move on your part.

Would you know what to do in the following circumstances?

The bank said you didn't have a claim because you don't have PPI

Not so common these days but a few years ago when the PPI compensation flood gates were opened, banks tried to save face and profits by telling people that they either didn't have PPI, they didn't know if they had sold PPI to customers or not or that they had PPI but were not due compensation.

You can check in other ways if PPI was added to or was part of a financial product. Call our team and they will tell you how.

The lender said you are not entitled to your money back because PPI was a suitable product and was not mis-sold

In a small minority of rare cases, PPI was a suitable product but suitability and mis-selling are two different things.

It may have been suitable but you were told that shopping around for a better product at a cheaper price was not an option - this is mis-selling.

In most cases PPI was NOT suitable mainly because the terms and conditions of the policy were not adequately explained. And it was mis-sold too.

You were sent a letter by a financial company you have never heard of inviting you to make a claim for mis-sold PPI

This is a sensitive one. Some companies do contact people and lead them into thinking that they have a claim for PPI compensation. When people contact them, this is not the case. Marketing tactics such as these are suspect.

BUT, some financial companies and their products are sold to other companies. Quite often, as customers, we are not aware of the name of the bigger parent financial company and so it can look a bit suspect when we receive a letter saying we are entitled to compensation and to make a claim.

Contact the team at Payment Protection Scotland to check the validity of the company name and for more ideas on how to proceed with your PPI compensation claim.

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